Lets start with saying thank you!

Thank you so much for ordering a harnes by Bear Nub Studio,
Since we understand its not a cheap acquirement I would like you to read this whole article upon receiving your item.

This guide is for Harnesses, Muzzles, Tailharnesses, Cuffs and all other items made with metal items.


Usually you will receive your harness with all the bands on their smallest setting; This merely due to the smaller chance of you receiving it entangled. I wrote this full step guide for the Y or Full body harness, only apply what can be done for your item. The main rule is: Start at the top and work to the bottom.

The easiest is doing this with a partner in crime!

Step 1 - Make all the bands at their biggest
Step 2 - Open the clasps on 1 side
Step 3 - Put the harness over your head and close the clasps
Step 4 - Just stand tall
Step 5 - The chest O - ring you'd like to have on the lower end of your pectorial muscles; Tighten the shoulder bands
Step 6 - Tighten the armpit bands
Step 7 - The pelvis O - ring you'd like to have just below your belly button; Tighten the belly + back band
Step 8 - Tighten the hip belts too

Cant tighten it anymore?
Please contact me for options to have it fixed!
Eventho I always try to get stainless steel or aluminium parts, most O - rings are just not available in these materials, without looking flimsy. Also due to the weight of your harness I'd like to warn you for use of a washing machine; It makes a lot of noise, and your machine will not like you!

So how to make sure you keep your harness in the best state! I made a difference between Low (smells) and High (stains) maintenance.

Low maintenance:
Just like a fursuit it is best to use some form of spray based on Alcohol Ketose 70% on your product. This will kill the bacteria, and thus smells, since all my harnesses are made with a form of plastic fiber, it can not grow In the material, merely between. If you do this every wear, it will have the best result.

Sprays can be made by yourself, or bought from various providers. We also sell them - http://www.bearnubstudio.eu/product/fursuit-desinfect-spray/.

High maintenance:
When you have a stain or anything an alcohol spray cant fix on your harness, I would say a quick local rinse helps about 90% of the times. Make sure you keep mainly the rings clear from fluid.

If ever any ring, clasp, or any other material gets damaged or rusted, I can replace this for a small fee + shipping!
Any product you use will get some wear and tear. So ofcourse a thread can break.
The ones to lock your band to a ring or clasp usually can just be snipped off with scissors.
But if you are afraid for more to let loose, read on!

If you have a 2 colored item, all my bands are interconnected with 2 threads. If one of these breaks, it might mean in time the bands will be loose completely, due to the threads unraveling.

To prevent this, grab a lighter and burn the tread. Since there is a form of plastic in the tread, you will be able to "firmly" connect it to the back of your harness.

Are you too late? And did the bands came loose?
Contact me and I will tell you the options right away!
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