The face behind BNS

Hi! My name is Saskia, but mostly known as Azana, Taoru, TaoruPanda, or Panda in the universe that’s called the Furry fandom. Born in December 1991 and just a busy bee from the Netherlands, but now residing in the Dortmund area of Germany.

I am a graphic designer by trade but decided not to do much with it, except use my knowledge to broaden my little company I started during my school years.

I started with making plushies in my attic room at my parents, but due to their rules I barely was able to make the stock and works I liked.
But now I have my own dedicated craft room, in my own home I will succeed!

My Goal

My goal is to make commissioning a nice experience again. During the years that I spent within the fandom I noticed a lot of people complain about bad customer experiences.

I try to be different by having a lot of communication, being open for change and just doing everything with a broad smile on my face.
So when you see me at a con, poke me, lets have a drink and a laugh!