Hi there!

Welcome to this “Tutorial” and thank you so much for your interest in one of thedesigns. I strife to better my services every single year and now its onto the sandals.

What do you need?

  1. a Tape measure – Dont have one? Grab a piece of lint/rope and a different measurement tool (to measure the piece of rope/lint)
  2. a ballpoint pen (You wouldnt want sharpy on your precious paw, right?)
  3. your Footpaw! Right or Left, Doesnt matter! Unless your paws are too different in shape! Please check before sending!
  4. A piece of paper big enough for said paw. Dont have A3 paper around the house? Tape 2 or 3 A4’s together

Step 1

DONT TRACE LIKE THIS; Hold your pen at a 90 degree angle from the paper

Put your paw on the paper and make a trace, using the pen.
Hold your pen at a 90 degree angle from the paper, so just really straight (anything except the picture above).
Trace the whole paw whilst holding the paw in place from the inside.

The better the trace – the better the sandal.

Step 2

Add the following info on the sheet:
– your (suit)Name
– Shoe based/Plushie paw
– Plastic / Metal parts
– Color of the bands
– Circumference Paw (A)
– Toe Band (B):
– Ankle band (C):
– Ankle Circumference (D):

This so I wont mix them up with other commissioners

You should end up with something like this

Step 3

Time to measure said items. Take your tape measurer.
Make sure you keep your paw on the sheet of paper, or on the ground; Almost all bands (except for C) are able to be tightened, and I will add some extra length, so dont be afraid you made a mistake

All measurements in Centimeters, please!
A – Measure around the whole paw, not too tight.
B – Measure from the paper till the top of the paw/ where the ankle band would be
C – Measure from the paper till 1 cm under the top of the paw, about 5-7cm above the top of the foot
D – Measure at the hight of 3cm above the top of the foot

Step 4

Fold it up nicely and send it my way.
Adress will be given through DM.
On average I can make and finish them within 2 weeks from receiving the trace and when certain measurements seemingly don’t add up, I will message you through Telegram or Email.

If you have any questions, never refrain from asking!